This character belongs to Crescenttherangerpup98.

Io is an afghan hound and one of Rosalia's most important patients. She is a singer. She is half merpup.

Bio Edit

Io started singing at a young age due to an exposition to music ever since she was young. Reached fame quickly and started to gain a very egocentric attitude. Despite her quick success something seems odd about her quick ascence to fame that seems to bother her, She seems forced to leave her career due to a mysterious illness. During rehabilitation after being cured she finds out she is half merpups and transform into merpup hen reaching certain dept. She soon leaves leaves in order to find out how was it possible.

Personality Edit

She is a egocentric yet kind pup that you can count on. She might be a bit demanding at times and a drama queen, but she will always be there when someone is in need. She gets annoyed easily due to her lack of patience and might be pick on who she hangs out with.

Appearance Edit

She is an afghan hound with brown fur and brown eyes. Her paws, muzzle and tail tip are white. her collar is silver and shines whenever is in the light.

Stage suits. Edit

Changes according to the theme of her songs.

Merpup form Edit

As a merpup she has a purple tail with silver stripes

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