This pup belongs to Tundrathesnowpup and was


(Old) pic belongs to Lmpalas

 adopted from Lmpalas on DA(she's also Cooper 's creator)


Indiana is a rusty-red pup with fluffy ears and slight fur tuft that is shown poking out from the brim of her hat. She has lighter redish-tan edges on her hind legs, outline of her belly, muzzle, front paws, and tail tip. Her eyes have a  turquiose iris with a darker turquoise pupil, and a dark red-brown nose. She's basically always seen with her hat

Uniform: A brown vest with darker brown accents along the chest and around her stomach. She has a brown pup pack and is always wearing the hat to accessorize. Her badge is a Dino skull against a dusty red backdrop


Outgoing and eccentric, She loves to tell stories and is very determined when it comes to her findings. She'll put her nose to the grindstone when it comes to it, but she just loves to dig around. She's also very headstrong and has a "I'm right, don't argue cause you'll still be wrong" attitude for some things. When she's focused she'll become very quiet and will look like she's angry, but she's just in the zone


  • Sometimes she can't help herself and takes a little nibble of any bones she finds before giving them away.
  • Nicknames: Indie, Red, Ana
  • She pretty much never takes her hat off. She hates taking it off and will pounce on anyone who tries to take it from her.
  • She might have a teensy cough*HUGE*cough* crush on Bang - and though she loves to dig with Rubble, she has no romantic feelings for him.  She loves to set of Fireworks with Bang, and they do eventually confess their love for each other, Bang even proposing via firework. They have four children: Brayden , Miska , Boomer , and Layla
  • Hates getting bathed- she loves water, but hates getting cleaned- she loves her dusty coat and tends to go straight back into the dirt after being bathed
  • Pup-pack tools: Hand broom and dust pan(on mechanical arms), a trowel, two shovels; one rounded and one square; and a measuring tape
  • She has a younger sister named Cassie
  • Her apprentice is Hodgin


  • I've got a bone to pick with you!
  • Let's kick up some dust! 
  • "I'm gonna find me some Dinos!"

Stories she appears in

Stories by Me:Edit

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