(From my upcoming Littlest Pet Shop Crossover)

The girl pets and girl pups hang out in the shop's spa for girl time while the boys all do nothing in the Day Camp. (But no repeat of the stuck Dumbwaiter) The guys decide to sing a reprise to "If You're a Guy", but the boy pups join in, making the boys sound a little more fun. (No offense, male contributors if I sounded like I insulted you)


Vinnie: Let me tell you what we'll do.

Rubble: Are we going to sing? 'Cause I only sing to holiday songs... and "Pup Pup Boogie".

Russell: You can just dance if want to.

Vinnie: It's time for... guy and boy pup stuff! *Snaps finger*

(Music to song plays)

If you're a guy

You're the pet who's the best

Say so long and good-bye

To those feminine pests

Sunil: If you're a guy

You can spend all your time

In a coat and a tie

And singing lyrics

That sound very good with the other lyrics

(Music fades)

What can I say? Musical theatre is still not my strong suit. Say, what if you're a boy pup?

Chase: Well...

(Music resumes)

Marshall: If you're a boy pup

You're as sharp as a pin

C'mon now let's all do

The Super Tailspin

(The pups spin on their tails) (The boys try to spin too)

Vinnie: Hwah!

Russell: Oh, yeah!

Zuma: Who-hoo!

Rubble: Arwwooh!

(Marshall tailspins so much that he and Sunil spin and crash)

Marshall: We're good!

Vinnie: You can burp without fear

Rocky: You can scratch it when it itches

Vinnie: You can wiggle your rear

Chase: Without any high pitches

(Music stops)

Rubble: Huh?

Chase: Musical theatre is not my strong suit either.

(Music resumes)

Vinnie & Russell: Who needs

Sunil: Who needs

Vinnie & Russell: Those girls

Sunil: Those girls

Marshall & Rocky: There's no need

Chase: No need

Zuma: To boast

Sunil: That's better than our original!

All: If you're a guy (boy pup)

You're the one

With the moooost

(Music ends)

Vinnie: Hey, that was really good.

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