Hi guys this is an idea for the Fanon wiki of PAW's the idea

Skye and Marie are playing in the bay when the cresnet moon comes out for a sceond and sends Skye to the world of mlp.the pups go though it to before the moon dissapers.meanwhile in ponyville Rarity,Sweetie belle,Magenta gemheart,Riccotta cream gemheart(yes they're sisters)Lemon berry cane and Taffy cane(no they're not sisters)are hanging out at the boutique when a unicorn(Skye)about crashes then the other pups come later Luna comes and tells that the reason that she sent them there was because they needed to defeat twilight and the first seed of disharmony, the end they find out it was celestia that was behind this and thats where it continues.

P.S.Skye,Marie,Marshall and chsae get an upgrade called power paw patrol which then they have super powers and when Skyeand Marie are in their gear they becomes alicorns

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