Iceshard hates everything. Well, not everything, just certain things. He hates good and he hates joy and happiness. He adores pain, but deep down iinside of him, he has a warm heart, warm as a fireplace. He best friends are his seagulls and Icebrick.

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Iceshard (season two) Olin the Paw Patrol Dimension


Iceshard didn't always hate things- he used to love just about everything. That is until his parents had gotten taken away by humans and were used for their personal entertainment. He swore  that he could never trust anyone- all because of that.

After a few incidents, he gained the power to move ice. He was a former citizen of the Glacier Kingdom until the Alpha Wolf, (known as the king) banished him because of his powers. After that, he just couldn't take being rejected any longer, and decided to destroy his own dimension!

When he first meet Collette, he had suspicions about her. He thought that she was somehow linked to the Frozen Heart, the item that powers the entire dimension. It could never be replaced, bought, or used in any way. And to protect itself, the Heart disappeared and reappeared in different places, but that wouldn't stop Iceshard#

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