Short Story Idea I had with Dacey and Jazzmine

Story Edit

Dacey laid down seeing her pup crying for food. She slowly pushed her closer to her stomach so that she could get some food smiling and giving her a quick nuzzle. She looked up too see her mate coming back from hunting.

“No food again?” She asked him. He sighed.

“Sorry..” He said slowly. Then laid down by her and their pup. Dacey sighed.

“I hope we can find some good food soon, Jazzmine is going to need more nutrients if we want her to survive, especially in the winter.” Dacey said. Bentley sighed again and then placed a paw on Dacey's.

“Dacey...I have something important to tell you...” He said nervously. Dacey gave him a warm smile.

“Anything my love.” She said. He tried not to wince feeling the ice stabbing into his heart as he thought about what he was about to do. He sighed again and looked Dacey in the eye.

“Dacey, you were an amazing pup and you still are but...I just...” He said gulping after every word.

“Loosen up silly, you sound like you're going to break up with me or something!” Dacey said jokingly. Bentley closed his eyes feeling a tear slide down from his eyes too his nose as he sighed.

“Yes...thats exactly what i'm doing..” He said. It took Dacey a few seconds before she noticed what he had just said and felt her heart shatter.

“But Bentley!” She said feeling tears come too her eyes.

“Dacey, Im sorry...I just can't do it..” He sighed feeling tears come too his eyes too.

“But Jazzmine Needs you Bentley!” Dacey cried. Bentley stood up making himself taller than Dacey.

“Im Sorry, But I can't..” He said closing his eyes and feeling a few tears fall of his Muzzle. Dacey glared up at him knowing if she stood up she would be taller than him but because of the pup. Bentley turned around and walked away from Dacey and Jazzmine leaving them their. Dacey laid her head down crying when she heard Jazzmine sneeze. She turned her head and slowly pressed her Nose on her daughter's forehead.

“We Will make it.” She said giving her a quick lick as she sneezed again, Dacey Smiled. “I Promise”

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