.Lighting:: Calls Chase 

Chase Hello.

Lighting:: Hey Dude Whats Up?

Chase: Oh Nothing Skye Boke Up With Me.

Lighting:: She Did Are You  Ok?

Chase; Yeh I'm Fine Now 

Lighting: Thats Good Me and Nature Are About To Go To The Park Wanna Come?

Chase Sure Can The Other Pups Come Too 

Lighting: Sure They Can.

Goes To The Park.

Marshall : Oh Theres Skye.

Chase Skye Heres?

Zuma: Yeh Dude There She Is Do You Think She Will Take You Back?

Chase: I Dont Know

Zuma Go Ask Her  

Chase: Ok Chase Wlaks Over To Her.

Chase : Hi Skye 

Skye: Hey I Miss You.

Chase: Miss You To Wanna Come Back To The Look Out And Stay There Forever With Me And Go Out On A Date With Me?

Skye: Ok 

The End

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