While the other pups were playing pup pup boogie Chase was sitting down in a chair staring at a picture

Skye: Chase come and play pup pup boogie with us.

Chase: huh (hides the picture) uhh maybe later.

Zuma: Come on dude you've been so decedent lately.

Chase: It's just uhh never mind.

Track: Why can't you tell us.

Coujo: Ya man tell us.

Chase: It's nothing for you to worry about now just go play pup pup boogie or something.

Skye: But-

Chase: No buts just go.

Skye: FINE!

When they were gone Chase took out the picture again. In the picture there was him a she wolf the same age as him and a he wolf in his teens

Chase: I miss you guys so much I wonder where you are.

Later Chase got a phone call it was from the wolves in the picture, Nature and Lightning.

Lighting: Hey dude

Chase: L-l-ightning

Lightning: In the flesh and.... Phone

Chase: Is Nature there too

Nature: Ya I'm here what's up

Chase: Where did you go

Nature: We got adopted by the sweetest 14 year old girl named Ellie she has browny redy hair and has a red t-shirt

Chase: Can you come down to the look out

Nature and Lightning: Look out the window

He looked out the window and there they were

Ellie: Hello its great to finally meet you

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