Hello, to all of you depressed, sad people, the ones that are upset or sad, or have been bullied, I feel that everyday. I may be anonymous, but I hope my words can get to your hearts. Everyone here is amazing. I'm bullied and I understand. I'll always be your friends, and I'll always give you a shoulder to cry on. I'm choosingg to not get an account soon, but please listen to my message, I love you all. I myself suffer depression and with the new character, Everest it's been hard for everyone. But are you gonna let one character rip down your entire community? Is such hatred going to be made as this place sinks lower and lower. Forgive the enemy, forget the bad times. Remember the best. You guys are a family, and you can't let the depression rip bonds. People are even leaving because of how ridiculous this is. Vent once in a while, but you guys are pdoing it too much. I know it's not easy, but if you are upset, get offline and breathe, or private message someone you trust. I just wanted to say that, I wish you all luck And just keep faith, things will get better, but you gotta work to make it better. We all play a part.

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