Hyper is a hyperactive and fast pup. She belongs to SunnyPuppy45.


(The name says it all XD) Hyper is a complete hyperactive pup. She is so hyper that she is the fastest pup in Adventure bay. Being this fast and hyper, She can climb trees, run in circles that makes deep 20-to-100 feet holes.


When younger, Hyper got seperated by her brother Speck. She was all alone in the woods until she came upon a cabin. She stayed there when somepup came to her. Not a pup but a wolf. The wolf chased her out the cadin on deeper into the woods. Hyper than got stuck in a hole where the wolf jumped in after her. Hyper done what she does best, Stall the wolf. She keep saying random questions until the wolf had enough of it. Soon as the wolf jumped out the hole, Hyper ran up the wall of the hole. She was surprized at this power. She ran more and more when she meets a hyper Cat that is hyper than Hyper herself. Hyper soon got made and when she did, her fur got darker, her ears got floppy, her tail got longer and puffer, and her eyes glowed green. Hyper soon called that form Hypermena (Seem funny XD). When hyper got past the hyped cat, she ran to the edge of the forest. She ran out and went to the Park where she found her brother. She stayed with him ever after.

A month or so later, Hyper meets Gaze. Ever since she saw Gaze she got a lot more calmer but still have Hypermena.


Hyper is a Black Husky/Rat terrier mix. She has white on her muzzle, limbs, chest, belly, and underneath tail. She has a pink collar with a lightning bolt shaped tag on it. She usually wears a pink flower bow on her right ear.



  • She has a crush on Gaze
  • She is my most hyper OC.

Her Gallery

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