He belongs to Sarah the FBI pup. He is a ranch pup for Farmer yumi. I adopted him from Puppylove. His personality is based on Big Mac from MLPfim



Hurley's original adoption picture by Puppylove

He is calm and collected. He rarely talks, and when he does it's usually short. He is pretty strong, and uses his strength to help Farmer Yumi. He is very lovable, and has a big heart of gold. He is very sweet and can sometimes be very sensitive. He will be stern to those who make trouble, but not too harsh. 


He is a Chow chow german shepherd mix and is a cinnamony brown color with a black muzzle. His eyes are dark blue. He is big and super fluffy, and has a salmon colored collar.

Voice actorsEdit

Young Hurley:

Teen/Adult Hurley: Big mac (from MLPfim)


Goldendelicious: mother

Stern: father

AJ: sister

Applebloom: sister

Crackship fanonEdit

Goldendelicious: mother

Stern: father

AJ: sister

Applebloom: sister

Poptart: mate


Sarah the FBI pup




  • He has a crush on Sonata
  • He has a onesided rivalry with Sasha. (Just for clarification, Sasha is the one that has the rivalry. Hurley could care less.)
  • He is very close to his sisters, and his family means more to him than anything.
  • He and Sonata have two puppies in the future, Lila and Demian
  • In the crackship fanon, he has a crush on and married Poptart

Stories he appears inEdit


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