Story #4

Track (narrating): Step one, get grounded.

Track: Hey Ryder!

Ryder: You were supposed to be home 3 hours ago! Go to the lookout!!! You are grounded!!!!

Track: GOSH! (storms off)

At the top of the lookout......

Track: I can't believe I got grounded!!!! I never get grounded!!! (In a flattering voice) After all I am perfect! AHHH! (Stomps on the ground)

Track (narrating): Now grab a plastic spoon out of your plastic utensils droor.

Track: This one looks good!

Track (narrating): Try to dig a hole out of your room.

Track: *grunting* (trying to dig a hole )

Track (narrating): Once you realize that will never work, the spoon will break.

Track: NO! 

Track (narrating): Now, cry about it.

Track is laying on a pillow and sobbing.

Track (narrating): Now, lay on the ground and pretend to be dead until Ryder comes.

Track is laying on the ground.

3 hours later......

Track: We're is he!

Track (narrating): Know, when Ryder doesn't come in, talk to the stuffed animals.

Track: And you know, I just wanted to have fun! 

Track (narrating): Then realize that they have no helpful answers and get mad at them. SO YOU THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW!!

Ryder: (walks in) What are you doing Track!!!!!!

Track: Umm..... Uh?

Track (narrating): Now come up with a excuse why you were throwing stuffed animals out the window.


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