My next short story enjoy! :)

Diamond: (texting Lace) Fake being sick? That's an awesome idea!

Diamond (narrating): So it was time to put our plan to action. I need to seem really sick! So what do I do? Run the hot hair dryer over my forehead to seem like a fever.

Diamond: *gasp* He's coming!!! (throws hair dryer in the clothes hamper and jumps in bed)

Diamond (narrating): I had to think fast. So when I done I rushed to my bed. *whew*

Ryder: You up Diamond?

Diamond: I feel sick.

Ryder: (feels her head) Ouch! Your burning up!

Moments later........

Ryder: Let's take your temperature.

Thermometer: Beep beep beep beep!

Ryder: It's normal. This makes no sense!

Diamond (narrating): Didn't think that through.

Ryder: Just lay down for a while. Okay. I'll come check on you soon.

Later in the bathroom.......

Diamond: How's it going? Yeah. It's good here to. I can't believe this is working! Ha ha ha! I haven't had to do any work! This is the best idea ever!

Diamond (narrating): Here came Ryder.

Ryder: (knocking) You okay?

Diamond: Yeah! Call you back. Ill be out in a second. *cough cough* (climbs in bed)

Diamond (narrating): Later when I was pretend resting Katie went to get my laundry, and found the hair dryer.

Katie: Huh?

Diamond (narrating): Such a snoop! She actually read my texts!

Katie: There fake being sick! Ryder has to know!

Ryder: Diamond!

Diamond: (nervous) Yeah.

Ryder: I have to go to the store, you rest while I'm gone. Call if you need me.

Diamond: Okay.

Diamond (narrating): I snuck out see if she was really gone. She left, time to have fun!

Diamond: Whoo hooo! Party on the counter! (dancing on the counter) 

Diamond (narrating): Little did I know, Ryder knew too.


Diamond: No work Yahoo! No worries ya! Ooooooh!


Diamond: *GASP*


Diamond: *sigh* Get a good look at me guys, you won't see me for a while.

THE END.  :)