My first short story!

Fire: *narrating* how to deal with chain mail step one get the chain mail

Fire: (gets a text on his phone) hmm private number

Text: Hello my name is Jenny I went missing in World War II send this to six people or at 7o'clock tonight I will get you

Fire: (narrating) Step two totally freak out send to six people and get the hell out if their!

Fire: Yikes! (Sends it to six people and then teleports out of his pup house)

Fire: (narrating) Step three ten other freak out and send it to six more people

Candy, Sophie, Coujo, Chase, Skye and Paige: Ahh(send it to six people)

Fire: (narrating) Step four you eventually get the message again

Fire: Agghh

Fire: (narrating) step five don't send it nothing happens and slap your self in the face

Fire: I'm so stupid (slaps himself) Ouch!

Fire: (narrating) Step six repeat

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