Rocky says title

The pups are enjoying summer when...

Marie:Hey how was the Paw Patrol formed?

Ryder:Long story.

Skye:Something about a crazy dog(Looks at Chase)

Chase:What that incident that bad


Skye:Let me start

Marshall:I want to tell...

Rocky:You know the rule ladies go first


Skye:So I was playing in the bay when Mr.Tech-sawy


Skye:Stand corrected Ryder decided to go shot gun practicing

Zuma:That didn't happen

Skye:Then he decided that I could be the target

Ryder:Bye-Bye doggy

Skye:I thought I was a goner when Chase bit him an a rampage hit town


Skye:Then thats when I met Zuma


Skye:Hi!I'd love to give you a warm welcome,but we might be killed so lets GET A MOVE ON!

So we swam when we ran into Rocky who was stuck in the middle of the bay and

Rocky:Help I can't swim

Zuma:I'll save you

Zuma was amazing in the water and saved Rocky

Zuma:Whoa Whoa Whoa.None of that happend

Chase:Thought so

Marshall:I'll tell it

I was playing in the park when I saw beauty

All except Marie:Marshall!You know that didn't happen!

Marshall:Nothing hehe.

Chase:I'll tell

So Ryder was walking down a sidewalk about to step on Skye when...

Chase bites his leg

Ryder:Why you stupid...

Chase:Na Na Na Na Na

Ryder:Chases you know who into town

Skye:Then I met Marshall

Marie let a low growl

Marshall:So a crazy human and a vicious dog are going though a rampage


Then Ryder was trapped on a building so I used my traffic skills and Marshall Found a ladder to climb with to help them down the end

Ryder:It's the other way around.I saved you.I'll tell the story now


The end

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