Honey is a boyish Australian shepherd. She is 2 (14 in dog years), and is a very persuasive business pup. She helps sell people houses in Adventure Bay.===========


When Honey was little, she loved to make her brothers and sisters mad. But she was mad when she found out a dog was adopted, and lived in the same place forever! She didn't want to stay home all day everyday! So she left to live life traveling. She tricked people to giving a puppy a home, even though she always left to travel more.

She joined the Paw Patrol to help people get settled to start their new adventure. She leaves a lot to travel though, but, always comes back. 


Honey is a gray, brown, and white Australian shepherd puppy with big blue eyes. She will never wear a collar, so her badge with a dollar sign on it, is an ear-ring on her left ear. She always wears a silver tie.

Her uniform is gold with her silver tie. Her badge ear-ring is a symbol of being a business pup.


For someone with such a sweet name, she can be pretty salty. She likes to annoy people just to get them mad, but deep down she's very nice. She's hates the idea of having an owner or even wearing a collar. She loves to travel and is very independent, boyish, adventuresome, and persuasive. 


  • Perfect to purchase
  • You mad?
  • Let's.... go.... TRAVEL!


  • She is the only one who doesn't have a collar
  • She travels and normally leaves Skit in charge
  • She can't sit still
  • She often daydreams
Episode AppearancesEdit

Skit Changes His Look

Pups Save Honey

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