Hobbes is a Trainee to Gabby, He is also the brother to Binky.

Apperance Edit

Hobbes is mostly white with Grey on his muzzel, and socks. He has a short and poofy tail. His ears are both perked He also wears a purple collar. His crest is a Green Surfboard with a Wave in front of it.

Personality Edit

He is much more calm and mellow than his sister. He keeps to himself most of the time but when he needs to he can come out and tell somepup not to do something if they are doing something wrong. Hes also very calm when upset and is also very good at calming other pups when he needs to.

Bio Edit

Hobbes and Binkys parents cared for them the first few weeks after they where born, but while searching for food they where caught by the dogcatcher leaving Binky and Hobbes to fend for themselves. The two got seperated while searching for food. A few weeks later they met one day at a trash can and emediatley became friends. Unaware they where siblings at the time. For about the first year of there lives they lived on the streets till they where saved by the Paw Patrol. After being taken in by the Paw patrol they lived with them for a few months before Hobbes took a liking to Gabbys job. He soon requested to become her Trainee and eventualy was given the title of there Water Activities pup.

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Vehicle Edit

He drives a speedboat like vehicle that he can also controll from his collar so if he wants to go Solo water skiing he can.

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Fears Edit

Random Edit

  • He and Binky hate to be Seperated

Crush Edit

When he meets Alissa he notices that he feels different around her than he does around other pups. Eventualy Binky explains to him that he has a crush and he starts to worry untill she explains that its completely normal and he calms down a bit. But he still gets pretty nervous around her.

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