Lilac, Penelope, Rubble, Zuma, Skye, Chase, Marshall, and Rocky were going to spend time playing in the snow. 

Penelope: Oh my, these are some tall, wide, easy to get lost in slopes! 

Lilac put her arm around her

Lilac: Great huh! Wait, what was that last part?

Penelope: I-I said FUN slopes!

Skye: Yup!

Zuma: Here are your ice skates.

Skye: Thanks!

Chase: Hey! Can I skate to?

Zuma: Um.

Skye: Well.

Zuma: It's a...

Skye: 2 person thing!

Zuma: Yeah!

Chase: (mumbles) So I see.

(Scene changes) (Penelope badge)

Zuma: Well be at the pond!

Chase: I'm going to ski!

Rocky: I'm sleading!

Marshall: I'm going to SKELETON!

Penelope: Ill be in the medical tent!

Lilac: That's no fun! Come snowboarding with me and Rubble!

Penelope: I'm good!

Penelope set up the tent, just in time to!

Husky: Can you take a look at this? Ouch!

Penelope: Ok!

Husky: So, what sport are you doing?

Penelope: I'm just working here.

Husky: You have to play a sport!

Penelope: is healing a sport?

Husky: No.

Penelope: Who says!

Husky: That sigh. (Points to the rules sign)

Rule #7 all visitors must be participant to a sport

Penelope: Oh.......

Husky: Thanks, oh and, good luck!

Penelope: Hey! I'll do skeleton! After all, I know a lot about skeletons!

At the ice ramp........

Penelope: Marshall! Marshall!

Marshall: Huh?

Penelope: I'm going to skeleton!

Marshall: Really great! Here!

He hands her a small skate board

Penelope: What's this for?

Marshall: Lay down on it.

Penelope: Ok. (lays down)

Marshall: Now, ill (straps her in)

Penelope: What's going on!!!

Marshall: Now SKELETON! (pushes her down the ramp) Hold on!

Marshall: Bye!


At the bottom........

Penelope: (shaking) W-W-What, WAS THAT FOR!!!!!

Marshall: Skeleton. When you get on a skeleton, and roll down, you caught some great speed!

Penelope: This is not a skeleton! (throws it)

Marshall: Well, bye, I guess!

Penelope: Thanks anyway.

Penelope: Now, for..... Ah ha!

Penelope: Hey guys! Hey guys!

Zuma: Hey!

Skye: Zuma! I'm tired, can I take a break?

Zuma: But.....

Penelope: I can skate for a while while she takes a break!

Zuma: Ok dude!

Skye: Ill watch!

Zuma: (picks her up) Hold on!

Penelope: I hate those words.... AHHHHHH!

Zuma: (spinning) Weeee!


Zuma: You okay dude?

Skye: Penelope!

Penelope: I'm okay, just WOAH! (falls over) Dizzy.

Penelope: I'm going to go.

Zuma: Ok bye!

Skye: Come back soon!

Penelope: SLEADING! That's practically FOR dogs!!!

Penelope: Rocky! 

Rocky: What?

Penelope: I want to slead!

Rocky: Ok! But can you run fast for a long time?

Penelope: Not really.

Rocky: Ok then, just hop on and hold on!


Rocky: Weee!

Penelope: Stop! Stop! Stop! (pulls the rains)

Rocky: (slides to a stop) Yes?

Penelope: I'm going to go, before I get hurt again.

Rocky: Ok?

Penelope: This is not going good.

Chase: Wanna watch me ski?

Penelope: Watch! That's not dangerous at all!


Chase Sped down the slope

Chase: You didn't seem impressed! What's up?

Penelope: I can't find a sport to play!

Chase: Lilac wants you to snowboard.

Penelope: Oh yeah! (runs off)

Chase: Now I'm alone again. 

Penelope: Lilac! I'm here to snowboard!