She belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and is in Tundra's fanon

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Hiphop's appearance done by Confetiithepartypup

Hiphop is one of the only Collies in the police force. Her partner is Sticks, and they have worked on many cases together. But Hiphop also likes to create Hip hop music which was why she was named Hiphop. She is a 'Goth' and usually speaks in a mono-tone voice except for when she is singing. She can be a bit boring, and it is hard to follow a conversation with her (unless you are Sticks). She is very good in a bad situation and is very illaberate. She is a quick thinker. She is a DJ pup in the paw patrol, but that is a part-time job.

appearance Edit

she is black with a white nose tip, chest, and neck. Her paws and muzzle are a purple color. She wears green and turquoise headphones.headphones

Appearance Edit

Uniform Edit

when on a mission she wears a black collar and a tan paw-band.

her uniform is turquoise with green stripes.

Family Edit

Sierra: mother

Fole: Father

Sticks: mate

Case: son

Jill: daughte

friends Edit

Spitz: best friend

Korea: best friend

Sticks: Best friend/Boy friend.

Trivia Edit

  • If you can catch her on rare occasions you will find she can't resist playing with squeaky toys.
  • She is very protective of her friends and will stand up for them.
  • She has a crush on Sticks
  • she has two pups Case and Jill

Fears Edit

Abandonment, Tornados, and Disease.

Songs Edit

She has created a couple of songs. Here are the titles:


Stories she appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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