Little song article about Luna and Ollie. Had the idea after reading WittleFuzzyPuppehs' song article Go Gentle. So, Ollie is at a new place, racing, and at a rest point he remembers his sister. While in Adventure Bay, Luna is about to sleep when she remembers her little brother. Lyrics in bold italics. Without further ado, Hey Brother by Avicii.

"Well, I'm tired!" Ollie yawned, laying down on the floor. "Glad we're able to rest!"

A memory of Luna wrapping her paws around him when he won a race back in Adventure Bay flashed through his mind. Oh how he missed her. She was the one who told him he could go on this race. Looking out the window, Ollie felt his ears droop.

Meanwhile in Adventure Bay, Luna curled up in her puphouse. "Hope Ollie's resting up, he sure ran a lot today. I'm guessing, well.. Probably." She looked outside, watching as a snowflake gently fell from the sky, landing on her nose. Letting out a giggle, Luna realized how important her brother was to her as she saw snow dot the ground.

"Hey brother, there's an endless road to rediscover..." She sang softly.

"Hey sister, know that water's sweet but blood is thicker," Ollie whispered, licking his hurt paw pad.

The screen was split in half, showing both huskies lifting their heads.

"Oh, but if the sky came crashing down, for you... There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do!"

-Rest coming soon because it's the second to last day of school tomorrow and it's my bedtime (sad face)-

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