Later Sly's owner, Max, let him see the paw patrol

Sly: Hey Skye

Skye: Hey what's wrong?

Sly: I'm just wondering why I came back in this life and my enemy's

Skye: Don't worry by the way I met this wolf named Lenny wanna meet him!

Sly: Sure let us go

At the look out the guys were chatting to Lenny but Sly new he was evil he just new it. He was a black wolf.

Sly: Guys may I speak to you (glares at Lenny) in private

Chase: Ugghh Sly

Lenny: Oh no please go don't mind me

Outside everyone glared at Sly

Skye: What the heck is wrong with you!?!?!

Sly: I do not trust him

Marshall: Why

Sly: He looks evil does he not?

Rocky: NO

Zuma: Dude you're paranoid

Sly: No I am not

Skye: If you don't like him then just leave

Everyone glared at him again he felt lonely and abandoned

Sly: I shall do as you wish but do not come to me when he hurts you

He left with a bag around his neck

Lenny: (locks the door)

Rubble: Why'd you lock the door?

Lenny: Because I'm not Lenny I'm Gaius Claudios Glaber

Skye: (gasp) Spartacus's enemy he was right

Spartacus (yes I'm going to change his name plate to that) was sitting on a stone by a hill when he heard there cries from help in the distance

Spartacus: I'm coming

He fought Gaius and killed him but he got a lot of stabs and could feel himself slipping away

Skye: (crying) Spartacus please don't go

Spartacus was in heaven but human form and hugged his wife

His wife: Go back to them Spartacus

Spartacus but I love you and I don't know how to get back into wolf form

His wife: Don't worry and go back to them (hugs him)

He went back to wolf form and now was back and there to stay

The end

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