Marshall: Uh huh, yeah, cool.

Zuma: Hey Marshall! Who are you talking to?

Skye: Hi Zuma! (Over the phone)

Zuma: Hey dude!

Skye: Great news! I found Chase! He stayed here. (Over the phone)

(Zuma and Marshall make a face to each other)

Zuma: Awww, true love!

Marshall: Cute!

Skye: Stop it!

Marshall and Zuma: (singing) Your over my head! I'm outta my mind! Thinking I was wrong, in the right time! One of a kind! Living in a world gone plastic, baby your sooooooo classic!

Skye: Some time you'll hang up, AND ILL BE WAITING!

Zuma: Bye!

Marshall: (making kissing noises)

Both: HAHA!

Marshall: Oh, *sigh*. But really, we should go tell Ryder.

Zuma: Okay.

On the deck......

Marshall: Ryder!

Zuma: Chase is in the city!

Ryder: Is he okay?

Marshall: There fine!

Ryder: Great! Let's go get him!

Zuma: Actually...

Marshall: She's waiting.

Ryder: Huh?

Zuma: (looks at Marshall)

Marshall: I mean... take someone else!

Ryder: Okay, Rocky!! Rubble!!

Both: Yes!!!

Ryder: Let's get Chase!!

Rocky: Okay!

Rubble: Let's go!

(They drive away)

Marshall and Zuma: WHEW!

In the city........

Skye: Haha! 

Chase: Hey! LOOK!

(An F.B.I truck pulled up)

Man: Sly! We were worried!!

Sly: I'm fine!

(The pups and Ryder pull up)

Ryder: Pups!

Chase and Skye: Ryder! (Hug him)

Ryder: We have to go.

Man: We have to leave too!

Chase: But... (looks at them)

Sly and Skye: *whimper*

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