Skye: Chase! Chase!

Chase: Here

Sly: Hey

George: Sup

Skye: Where were you and why are you here?

Chase: Well I was outside when George and Sly came and said I should give you another chance

Skye: Really thanks guys

George and Sly: No prob

Skye: Hey for school we have a project ob Spartacus Sly can you help

Sly: Spartacus no I shall not

Zuma: Why ya talking like that dude?

Sly: *runs off*

George: Guys there's something I need to tell you

All: What?

George: Sly IS Spartacus

All: What?!?!?!

George: Yes you see when Spartacus was dyed he came back in this life as a wolf he misses his home very much. It took years for him to act like a normal wolf no one nows except me and now you well I've got to go and talk to him

At the F.B.I...

Sly: *chopping wood aggressively*

George: Only I now about you well now the paw patrol does too but-

Sly: What!? (Knocks him onto the wood) tell me what you mean or thy shall not prevail

George: I told them

Sly: Hmm fine I care not for what they think of me

George left and Skye came in

Sly: Hello

Skye: Spartacus listen-

Sly: Spartacus nobody has called me that in years

Skye: Really wait what about that song you told me you wrote when you were 2 months old?

Sly: I meant 2 months ago

Skye: Oh