Sly: Why did they leave?

Skye: Chase is mad at me.

Sly: Why?

Skye: Who knows! He might be mad because I didnt go out with him, didnt leave with him......... Or.....oops... I might of kicked his back off the deck while singing.

Skye: Hes just so.......

Sly: You cant wait your life haiting someone....

Skye: I guess so.....

Sly: So, do you want to go anyware?

Skye: I think it would be best to stay here.

Sly: Ok, may I stay with you?

Skye: Of course!

Sly: Great!

When they got inside, the second bed was empty, but the first one had Skyes luggage and a note from Chase.

Sly: Whats that?

Skye: Probley nothing.

Sly: Goodnight.

Skye; Goodnight.

Skye shut her eyes

Sounds: Shuffle, creek, creek, thup!, then a nob turning.

She went to sleep anyway


Skye: (sits up) Huh? Sly?

Sly was gone.

Skye: Wha, where is he?

Skye: Oh! (pulls out her phone)

Skye: Chase! Chase!

No one awnserd

Skye: Where is he!

She left to find him....

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