At the hotel.......

Both: Haha! 

Skye: That's awesome!

Sly: I can't believe that!


Zuma: We're here!

Skye: *gasp* Hide! (stuffs him in the closet)

Chase: We're here!

Marshall: Why was the last hotel, blown up?

Skye: Party?

Rocky: They said everyone was put here.

Skye: Yup!

Chase: Let's go to the date!

Skye: But I'm full from, uh, before!

Chase: What about the date?

Skye: Not now!

Chase: LET'S GO!

Skye: Your just ordering me around!!!!!!

That night Skye slept on the deck instead of with Chase and Zuma.

Skye: (singing) I'm just a girl. Your just a boy. This is my heart, it's not a toy. So what's with you playing with my mind? We used to be cool, it used to be love. Now it's become, more of a job. Like it or not, maybe, things could change right before our eyes. I try to be a picture perfect girl. But you were in your fantasy world. Trying to control me, like some kind of Barbie, but that just ain't me! Case I ain't a doll, this ain't a doll house! You're....

Sly: Hello!

Skye: Oh hey! 

Sly: You sure can sing!

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