Skye: Hey guys wanna go to hotel

Chase: Ya we can have our date there please Ryder

All: Please

Ryder: Okay

At the hotel...

Skye: Can you guys get treats at the shop next door I'm tired

All except Skye: Okay

Later the hotel got attacked by terrorists and the F.B.I showed up

Chase: Oh no Skye's in there

Two teenage wolf F.B.I decided to go in

Sly: I'll go in there

George: I'll come with you

They found Skye in a bar then Sly noticed the terrorists had a button and if they pushed it a bomb from the ceiling and explode

Sly: Okay Skye I need you stay here with George

George: Sly-

Sly: No

Sly burst threw the door and pulled the plug the button was attached to he killed them all with one bite but one was still barely alive and cut the wire on the bomb.

But then Sly caught the bomb just in time

George: Nice catch buddy!

Everyone watched what Sly did from the window and he got a heroes welcome when he came out with the bomb in his paw a Skye on his back.

Skye: Thank you sooooo much

Sly: No problem just doing my job

Skye: Hey you saved my life and everyone out here's life hey uhh... Do you wanna come to the lookout and have a little dinner

Sly: Sure why not


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