These pups are my OC's, the pups of Stella and Rubble.

When Stella had three pups, all one minute apart, she and her husband Rubble thought they were beautiful. All equally beautiful. Rubble liked the name Hatchet, and Stella liked the name Henry. They both thought of Marble.

Henry and Hatchet are the bad boys. Even though the only friend they have is their sister, because everyone else thinks of them as a bully. They do love their sister too, because she doesn't think of them as a bully. Henry and Hatchet are not mean to each other, like your normal brothers would be. They want to work together as partners being a cop, like their Uncle Chase. They are twins. They are both dark brown with gray spots on their rump, left front leg, right back leg, neck and right shoulder blade.

And sweet Marble. She is like a rainbow mixed with a pony, she's so sweet. She wants to be a Stylist like her mom. She is pure white, with a brown eye ring, brown spots all over her back legs to her rump. The tip of her tail has a black spot.

These pups are the future generation of the PAW Patrol :)

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