these pups and kittens belong to Sarah the FBI pup and belong in her main universe.

Pups and kittnes Edit

After a while of living and working together, Leo and Princess finally started dating. They were one of the first to get married, but they found that Princess was unable to produce the litter of kids they wanted. So instead the decided to adopt pups and kittens. They adopted four pups and four kittens. Angeline, Debra, Jagger, and Miguel for the pups and Alexandria, Katalina, Luca, and Levi for the kittens.

info Edit

Angeline: She is very sweet but a bit prissy. She's not an overboard girlly girl, but she's no Tomboy either.

Debra: Debra is a tomboy, and very adventurous. She is not a big fan of rough and tumble games though. She is very stubborn.

Jagger: He is very clumsy, but very strong. He is not too bright, but what he lacks in brain, he makes up for in heart. He has a way of pouring out his soul when he feels strongly about something

Miguel: he's cocky and has a rebelish nature. He hates doing as he's told and constantly fights back. He is very close to his mother however, and only ever does what she says.

Alexandria: Alexandria is as sweet as sugar and as pretty as a picture. She is a big girly girl, but prefers to hang out with her older sisters Debra and Angeline. She is a very big mommas girl.

Katnis: Katnis is the tough girl of the group. She is a natural born leader and is very responsible. She loves to play rough and tumble games, and is very commando.

Luca: Luca is a bit of a bully, but a coward. He is not very pretty, but he copes with it. He likes to have fun, but has trouble with social skills.

Levi: Levi is like the cool kid. He is very good at almost everything he does and he does a lot. He likes to play video games and things like that.

appearance Edit

Angeline: She is a Cocker Spaniel that looks similar to Lady from Lady and the tramp. she has blue eyes and a slightly curled tail. her collar is yellow with rienstones.

Debra: is a Papilion/Pomeranian mix. She is a black color with a white muzzle and ear tips. Her eyes are green, and her collar is magenta.

Jagger: He is an all black great dane with brown eyes. His collar is black.

Miguel: he is a black Labrador retriever. He has brown eyes and a black and white collar.

Alexandria: she is a ginger colored kitten with green eyes. she has a brown collar.

Katnis: she is a black kitten with yellow eyes. She has a copper colored collar.

Luca: He is a mottle brown colored Mainecoon kitten with a ginger muzzle, neck, chest, and paws. He has brown stripes on his head, ears, back, legs and tail. His collar is neon orange

Levi: he is a Abysinian kitten with yellow eyes and a blue collar.

jobs/uniforms Edit

Angeline: TBD

Debra: TBD

Jagger: TBD

Miguel: TBD

Alexandria: TBD

Katalina: TBD

Luca: TBD

Levi: TBD

crushes Edit

Jagger has a crush on Jane

Trivia Edit

  • Angeline is the second youngest and was given her name because she seemed so angelic.
  • Debra was named after one of Princess and Leo's owners.
  • Jagger was named after the song 'moves like Jagger'
  • Miguel was given his spanish name because they found him when they were visiting mexico.
  • Alexandria was named after one of her mother's friends.
  • Katnis was named after Katnis from Hunger Games
  • Luca (it's pronounces L-OO-cuh) was given his name randomly.
  • Levi was named after Levi from Attack on Titan.

Fears Edit

Angeline: the dark and big bugs

Debra: skunks

Jagger: Hurting other pups

Miguel: cockroaches

Alexandria: Bullies

Katnis: nothing

Luca: alot of things. Too many to say. but some include; Bugs, Spiders, Crabs, Sharks, Fish, Birds, Mice, Rodents in general, being yelled at, worms, other bullies, being denied, badgers, bigger cats, heights, loud noises, Horses, ect.

Levi: not much can scare him, although he has a huge phobia of toothy fish.

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