Fairy of Harmony

The Fairy of Harmony Crest of Harmonia

Harmonia is a land, where love and harmony makes it even more beautiful. This is the magical land in Wish Upon a Pup and Pups and the Harmonia Rescue/


A long time ago, the land was divided into two parts, after a disagreement if humans, which the Harmonian creatures call "two-leggeds", could really be trusted.

Even before the division, the land was ruled by a dragon family on both sides, but Oracion married a pony he loved named Minty and they had Dronies, which are half dragon and half pony.

The West SideEdit

On this side, all the magical creatures believe that the "two-leggeds" can be trusted. Sunshine Giggles and her whole family live on this side of the land. Oracion and Minty are aware that the Easterns are being trained to kill any "two-leggeds" that roam into Harmonia. Unluckily, Charlotte, a spy and knight from the East sneaks over to this side when they hear that a "two-legged" and a pup have wandered into Harmonia. She thought that Milli was the "two-leggeds", despite her tiny size, and kidnaps her. Skye tries to save her, but she gets caught in a net.

The East SideEdit

All the magical creatures on this side believe that "two-leggeds" are all evil, but it's because they all had bad experiences with evil humans. The king on this side, Charon, knows about Oracion's relationship with Minty and teases him whenever Oracion meets with him to talk to him about the kingdom. His son, Prince Kirby, secretly believes that not all "two-leggeds" are evil and most of them are good.

Sunny and her siblings sneak over to this side of the kingdom to rescue Skye and Milli.

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