Halo is a pup Shared between Aury and Chase She is the younger sister of Angel. (got permission from Puppy).

draw by Aurychase

Apperance Edit

A light brown back, with a mask on her face that's white. She has a grey paw and a white splotch above it, on each feet. she has a fluffy tail with a black tip.

Personality Edit

She is alot like her sister being a Tomboy, She is very stuborn and pushy when not given what she wants. And when confronted by a challenge she wont back down untill she has won the fight. 

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her name was suggested by ChaseandSkyerox.
  • She is the sister of Angel.
  • She has afraid of only 1 thing. to be abandoned.
  • Does not like to go to by boat, not because she hate the water (she love the water and the sea), but she suffers from seasickness
  • She has managed to become mer-pup and, unlike the sister, she always believed since she was a little pup
  • She is the pup of the Pilot Ace Soerinson
  • She loves to fly, but especially she loves crush naps with the fur in the wind.
  • Her favorite food are peaches  and her favorite flower is precisely the peach blossom
  • She will marry Bandit and from their love will born 3 pups: Bounty, Amy and Cody

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Draw by Vixiedog! thank you^^

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