Halloween is Black Moon's little brother by 30 minutes and he lives with his mother and 2 of his siblings.

Appearance: Halloween is a Wolf German Shepherd mix like his older brothers and he has orange eyes and he has an orange jack-o-lantern on his forehead.

Personality: Halloween is very scary at times,just like his name states and he likes to watch scary movies every Friday and Halloween,like what he was named after.And he likes to scare people just for fun.

Bio: Halloween was born to a German Shepherd and a Night Wolf.When he was 1 month old,he watched his father get shot by his owner and his mother told him and his siblings not to trust humans.1 month later,he and his siblings had to choose whether to stay with his mom,or be a stray for the rest of their life,and Halloween chose to stay with his mom like his older brother Sylam and his little sister Vampire.


  • When he was young,he and his little brother Grim scared the rest of his litter on purpose.
  • He is a Christian like 2 of his older brothers and his little sister and he likes to go to church.

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