Hack was developed by Crescenttherangerpup98 to be gadget 's trainee. He is now owned by User:Confetii The Party Pup as it is a good bye gift,


A prodigy who will usually use his knowledge on the ways he considers fun which can lead to a misuse of it. He modifies the stuff from the other pups as a prank always trying to avoid touching the important ones. He isn't very sociable and will normally be by himself planning a big project which changes from time to time. He isn't very sociable but doesn't mind being with other pups. When he meets someone he will normally act as if he knew everything despite the fact that he still got a lot to learn.


Hack's parent's died when he was still a puppy, right after his birth. He lived on the streets by himself for a season and he gained curiosity towards technology. One day when he was walking around town he found an old motorcycle in an alleyway. He checked it and noticed it could be fixed. While he was attempting to do so the vehicle turned on causing a terrible incident where he lost his tail. Katie heard this and went to investigate this. She found the pup who had lost half of his tail and nursed him back to health. It wasn't long before he met the paw patrol and started living with them. It wasn't long before he started modifying the pup's gear when no one was nearby. He was soon caught and offered to be gadget's trainee to learn more and use his skills on a right way.


He is a white welsh springer spaniel with a brown back. He has a scar on his front right leg which reaches his knee. He doesn't have half of his tail. His eyes and collar are green. His tag has a screwdriver on it.


He is afraid of motorcycles due to an accident that took half of his tail.

He has a crush on Binky despite he hides it at times




human hack by confetii the party pup

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