Gus is a pup that was adopted from Puppylove5 by Mystic Eevee


Gus lives with his owner near Adventure Bay. He was adopted by his owner when he was a puppy and his owner fell in love with him the moment he got him. And since his owner is alone now Gus is the only thing he has to make him happy in his somewhat old age, but now his owner has a kid to look after so Gus helps look after him as well.


A golden Labradoodle with a white muzzle, the top of his belly, and his tail tip. He has light pink eyes and floppy ears and he wears a Purple collar.


Gus is a very happy, smart, and friendly pup who is always up for a trip to almost anywhere his owner goes wither it be to the store, the beach for walk, or just on his normal everyday walk.


Gus helps with pup-sitting other pups


Doesn't like to be away from his owner; unless he has to work

He loves to do activities with the pups he pup-sits

Very active and willing to do things with others

Stories by me

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Stories by others

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Gus drawn by Puppylove5

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