Grant and Aminds are a married couple that own Orion and Capricorn

Apperances Edit

Grant - He is a large stalky man. He has long grey hair and green eyes. His skin tone is a dark tan color. He is usualy wearing a lose tank top and a pair of swiming shorts.

Aminda - Shes alot shorter. She has naturaly honey blonde hair but has died it multiple times and it is now a red/brown color. She has blue eyes and shoulder length hair. She usualy has on t-shirts with comics or quotes on them and long skirts.

Personalities Edit

Grant - He is very kind and caring. Hes also the first to jump into actions when hes needed.

Aminda - Shes very shy and to herself the reason she likes to write stories under a pen name.

Bios Edit

the two had been married for a few years when they decided to move to adventure bay. After learning that most people in adventure bay have pups they went looking for a dog. Aminda found Capricorn and fell in love with the dog emediatley. After finding out that he had been there for a long time now because if his mutation she convinced Grant to adopt the pup.

A Few weeks later after Grant had gotten a job as a lifeguard at the beach and Aminda had a job as an author Grant saved a german sheperd puppy named Orion. Falling in love with him Aminda and Grant agreed to adopt him.

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