!This takes place during a unknown time in Takotas past. After the Passing of Takotas Beloved wife his sadness grows but is reminded that he does not have to be.


In the Midst after the death of Takotas wife, he and Freezer are alone at here Memorial and Takota is in a state of extreme sadness.

Freezer: Are you ok Takota?

Takota: No, I am not, she is dead and gone!

Freezer: Not forever,

Takota: I know but why did she have to die, I loved here so Much, Why is she Gone! Why?????????!! We were in love!

Freezer: Maybe it was his Plan and her time Takota.

Takota: (Crying) Why, I always go along with his plan without question, but now she is Gone I loved her so much! There is just so much pain and stress!

Freezer: Takota, look at me! Remember what you told me! One day you will see her again like I will see my Family.

Takota: You are right Freezer, thank you!

Freezer: You are welcome, come let us go.

Takota: You go I will catch up.

Freezer heads to the Car while Takota takes one last look at his beloved Wife.

Takota: God, please take care of her, I loved here so much and so did my boys. I souls will meet again, Delia, they will meet again and we be together forever in a eternal dance of Faith and Love in his Kingdom.

The End.

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