These are the pups of Wishy and Lion.

Bio Edit

Wishy met Lion back stage of fashion show.They dated for 2 years when Lion propsed.A few weeks later they have a pup,Dylan.A few months later, Golden was born,then Goldie and the runt Honey.Dylan was a stunt pup,Golden was a mime,Goldie clown and Honey a hero.Dylan ran off once he over heard his father's plan.Golden ran off after Goldie because he too over heard what his father said.Goldie was tired of clown acts and Honey learned her siblings fate.

After his pups ran away,Lion breaks up with Wishy once his plan is done and marries Zuma's mom,RRebecca.She figured out what happened and broke up Lion,taking her kids with her and she Wishy took care of.Once Dylan confronts his father after his pups are born,he gets a really deep cut on his leg that never heals,so it has to wrapped all the time.

Personality Edit

Dylan and Golden: They hav e the same personality but Golden is calmer and harsher to anyone who dates his sisters,daughters and granddaughters. And Dylan tends to be meaner but nicer to anyone who dates his sisters,daughter and granddaughter.

Goldie and Honey: Like their brothers,they have the same personality. Goldie tends to be harsher but still has feelings,mostly to her daughter who's afraid of everything. Honey is nicer but her top can still blow.

Apperance Edit

Dylan:He has mother's golden retriever body but his dad's yellow fur and blue eyes.He was given a tan collar with a tag with a silver grey trash can and green background.

Golden:Looks like a mini gender bend of Wishy.He has her build and golden fur but his grandpa's green eyes.He was given a lime collar and tag with a blue background and a red and white buoy.

Goldie:She looks like her dad,with short yellow fur, except she has her mother's grey-blue eyes.She has a bang as a pup that she cuts shorter.She was given a red collar with a pink squiggle and tag with a pink background with a stef

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