bio Edit

Gismo is one of the smartest pups you will ever meet he is a stray but he keeps himself occupied by making things for his friends he even made the worlds first teleporter so that way he can keep out of trouble when dogcatchers or people trying to take him and put him in a home the reason why gismo doesn't want to go to a new home is because his first owner was a evil scientist and did experiments with him to take over adventure bay but one day the cops found them and took him to jail and gismo to the pound and no one would adopt gismo so you know what that means...but luckily he escaped and started inventing for good and to try to get his owner out of jail he will make anything for you if you send him a request on his email to the computer he built.

personality Edit

he is a hyper, and happy pup he is always happy to make friends and partner buddies but when it comes to work he is super serious and never will take everything seriously .

appearance Edit


family Edit

mom-unknown-dead(there not really dead he thinks they are)


brother-unknown (need brother for him)

sisters-unknown(need sister for him)

cousin-unknown(need cousin for him)

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