This is an episode from Marshall Universe.

Summary Edit

Marshall tries to avoid Rosie so he doesn't have to tell her about his most harrowing adventure. He feels that if he does this, she will remain safe from all the danger in his world.

Characters Edit









Dixie (flashback, mentioned)

Skye (flashback)

Frosty (flashback)

Skixie (flashback)

Story Edit

(The star iris from "Jail Break" opens and shows the Crystal Pups again, looking at the ocean)

Princess: That could have gone... a lot worse.

Tundrat: Could have gone a lot better too. (Looks back at the temple which is on fire)

(shows the Lighthouse hill with the broken parts of Gem Warship burning)

Rosie: (On Marshall's Phone) Marshal, I got your message. Marshall? What happened?

Dusty: WE WON!!! Haha!

(Leo is looking at Marshall and Dusty)

Rosie: (on the phone) that Dusty? Ah... what's going on? You said that there's some kind of giant space hand and you all may die.

(Dusty is celebrating and laughing as Leo nudges Marshall)

Marshall: Rosie! You're not going to believe what happened. Where do I even start?!

Dusty: (Offscreen) I see you, P!

Marshall: It's been a madhouse over here.

(Leo jumps away. Dusty hugs Princess tight and starts swaying her quickly)

Princess: Dustyt! That's enough celebrating.

(Ryder comes to Marshall with his van.)

Marshal: Huh?

Ryder: Marshall!

Marshall: Ryder! Rosie I-I have to go. (Hangs up phone) I promise I'll call you back. Ryder's back! Ryder's back!

(He runs to Ryder)

Ryder: Oh! Thank goodness you're okay! (hugs) Mmmmm! I saw the Spaceship start to leave and than it crashed so I came back and ... ohhh (sees Marshall's damaged eye) your eye...But you're okay! I guess those jerks were no match for the Crystal Pups!

Marshall: No way, they were super strong!

Ryder: But you were able to beat them back?

Marshall: No. They totally stomped us! This warrior, Dixie, was super powerful and knocked me unconscious. Then they abducted me onto the ship because they wanted to take me away forever. And then we crashed the ship and I almost died!

Ryder: (panicked) What did they want with you?

Marshall: They think I'm Mom.

Ryder:  A-are more Homeworld Pups gonna come after you?

Marshall: I...uhh...I don't know. Maybe?

Ryder: Marshall, I'm supportive and very proud of you. And I'll be right back. (runs into van) Got to calm down. Where's my....(Picks up lots of his CDs) Where's my relaxing music CD? This one? (Puts it in the radio and loud music starts to play) Wrong one! Stop! Eject! (Punching the radio and then trying to relax)

(Marshall is looking at him and his phone starts to ring. Then he picks it out of his pocket and sees Rosie is calling him. He looks at Ryder trying to relax while his van crashes down)

(more coming soon)

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