Fudge is a fox at Paint's nature center

Bio Edit

Fudge doesn't either know or want to tell Pint about her past. All Paint knows is that she found Fudge bleeding on the side of the road with a broken left front paw. She cared for Fudge and Fudge is now living at the nature center.

Appearance Edit

Fudge is a brown fox with with socks, mussel and stomach. She has rusty orange ear and tail tips. She has a rusty orange diamond/square shpe right on and above her nose. She now wears a neon orange collar.

Personality Edit

Fudge is shy and sweet. She is closet to Paint and Ersa but is also good friends with Peaches( the vulplix. I am changing her name soon )She loves her friends to pieces and would do anything for them.

Crush Edit

She doesn't have but feel free to suggest a male fox in Tundra's fanon sinxe she was found and reliZed there as an adult.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the second animal at the nature center
  • She helps care for the baby foxes

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