This is what ClockwerkSamurai12 and I wrote


Frozen Heart

Marshall: Psst. Chase, Chase! Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Chase: Huh? Marshall, what is it?

Marshall: I want to play!

Chase: Not right now, it's 4 o clock in the morning.

Marshall: But the sky's awake, so I'm awake. So we have to play.

Chase: We'll play tomorrow. Right now, go back to sleep Marshall.

Marshall: Hmmm...(gasps and opens Chase's eye) Do you want to build a snowman?

Chase and Marshall run to the backyard of the lookout.

Marshall: Come on, come on, come on!

Chase: Shh...

(Both of them laughed)

Marshall: Do the magic, Chase! Do the magic!

(Chase uses his frost powers to make snow. Marshall stares at it in awe.)

Chase: Ready?

Marshall: (whispering) Yeah.

Marshall: This is awesome! (laughing)

Chase: (laughing) Watch this. (stomps and ice forms on the grass)

(Marshall slips on the icy grass and they make a snow man puppy.

Chase: (finishes the snow man puppy) Hi, I'm Snow Pup. And I like warm hugs.

Marshall: I love you, Snow Pup! (hugs Snow Pup and they laugh while they skate on the frozen grass with Chase blowing icy wind to speed up)

(Marshall and Chase slide on a snow pile)

Marshall: Haha! Whee!

Chase: Hang on! (makes another snow pile)

(Marshall jumps from that pile)

Marshall: Haha! Catch me!

Chase: Alright. (He uses his frost powers to make stepping stones for Marshall) Gotcha!

Marshall: Again!

Chase: (gasps) Marshall wait! You're going too fast! Slow down!

(Chase slips on the ice grass)

(Marshall keeps on jumping and then falls)

Marshall: Whoa!

Chase: (gasps)

Marshall: Whoa oh no!

Chase: MARSHALL!!!

(Chase strikes Marshall in the head)

Chase: (gasps) Marshall! Oh no, Marshall!

(Marshall's spot turns baby blue)

(Chase sees the blue spot and starts crying)

Chase: Ryder! Pups, help!

(Chase's ice magic goes out of control and the trees and grass becomes frozen solid as Chase grieves for Marshall)

Chase: (sobbing) It's okay Marshall. I've got you...

Ryder: Chase, what have you done?!

Zuma: This is totally getting out of hand, dude!

Chase: It was an accident! I'm sorry Marshall...

Rubble: Oh no! Marshall!

Skye: He's ice cold!

Ryder: I know where we have to go!

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