charecters Edit


Original paw patrol 

song Edit

Rocky is playing the piano. Tundra is sitting on top of it. 

Rocky: nothing stays the 

Same for long, 

But when it changes 

Doesn't mean it's gone. 

Time will always get away, 

As it leaves behind another day. 

Tundra smiles and looks out the window. She see's Skye running in the pastures. 

Skye: things may come come 

And things may go, 

Some go fast

and some go slow, 

tundra starts running with her 

Few things last that's all I know, 

But friendship carries on through the ages 

Zuma and princess are running along the shore 

Zuma: things may come and 

Things may go 

princess: some go fast 

And some go slow 

Tundra comes up beside them and they put there paws aroumd her. 

Both: but friendship,

Carries on through the ages! 


who's who? Edit


Rocky-twiight sparkle 

Chase-Rainbow dash 

Rubble- applejack 

Zuma & Princess-Rarity 

Marshall-pinkie pie 

Tundra-Sunset shimmer

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