Fog is yet another OC made by Chase the police pup555.

Biography Edit

As a pup, he was born into a somewhat "caring" family, right in the Netherlands. One day while they went out camping, a bear attacked their campsite and sadly his parents were both killed. The owners however, A husband and his wife, turned against him immediately. Scorning him and mostly abusing the poor pup. As he grew he couldn't take it anymore and ran away. He went to a nearby port, illegaly shipped himself to America, then found himself in a wintery Adventure Bay. he was a stray for a while, then Deaton found him, saw how much he loved the weather and recruited the husky. He now works as the weather watcher pup.


He is an white husky shepard mix, with his lower half being black, he has gray socks and a thick brown stripe right above it. His tail is a tan, black tipped and fluffy. His ear tips are a somewhat black and tan striped. He has a dark grey/black muzzle. He wears a grey collar with his name, at the front. He has a scar on his back, right leg, it mostly being covered up by fur. He walks with a slight limp, due to his front left leg being shorter than the others.


He is very sweet, kind and caring towards pups. He is kind and peaceful, he will never try to bicker or fight with someone. But he knows when to be tough and brave. In his mind he carries a picture of his parents, still remembering them. He's a HUGE fanatic of weather. Snow,hail,rain,sun,tornadoes, anything! He'll chase it!


One day, while walking through Adventure bay, he bumps into another husky shepard,Eartha, the two talked and became good friends. After about a week or so, he tells her his feelings, she gleefully agreed and they then started dating.


He is recruited by Deaton to be in his Paw Patrol. He works as a weather watcher pup.


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