Flynn is a evil fire truck.


Flynn is a "really Evil fire engine" who Kidnaps Pups with Claw or Vacuum. He blows nets at the Pups with his fake hoses, he has both tyres and flanged wheels, meaning that he is capable of running on roads and on rails. Flynn is Angry, bad, and ready Fast. He is feared by all the Pups, the ones he mostly kidnaps are Rocky, Tundra, Zuma, Cooper and Smoky, but his overly-enthusiastic do can lead to losing and pups wining.


Flynn is a hybrid design based on Tatra, Oshkosh, and Latil fire rescue vehicles with the ladder replaced with a claw and a leaf blower-like Vacuun on the back of him. However, he most resembles a 1964 Oshkosh W800 4X4 aircraft rescue fire engine.


Flynn is painted red with yellow lining.

Voice Actor

Neil Crone (voice of Diesel 10 from Thomas and the Magic Railroad)

Real Flynn