Fluffler is a bunny at Paint's nature center.

Bio Edit

Fluffler was found almost dead in an alley way by Fudge. When Fudge found her she howled to Paint who going on a stroll with her. The two brought Fluffler back to the nature center and healed her back up. They kept Fluffler in a pen. Next to Fudge's and they are both sent back to Tundra's fanon until Fluffler has baby bunnies.

Personailty Edit

Fluffler is a very sweet and caring bunny but is very cautious when doing dangerous things. She is very happy most of the time.

Appearance Edit

She is a dark gray bunny with a light gray tail and white under tail. As her her name suggested she is very fluffy and is super fluffy around her neck. That area there is just a tad bit lighter then her body. Her ears are light gray but are darker at the bottom. She has a tiny bit of white around her mussel. She has dark blue eyes and hidden in her fur a dark blue collar.

Crush Edit

She will have a crush on another bunny I am making.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves Fudge so much she goes back to that fanon even though she was found in Paint's fanon
  • She wrote a book about a two friends who were a bunny and a fox. It was a best seller and she gave most of the money to the nature center for more supplies and space.

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