Firelight Town is a small town that's appears in Zuma and the Sad Lights.


The town rests on the other side of the mountains around Adventure Bay. The best way to get there is by train station. It's mostly a stop for trains to pickup some goods, fill up on fuel, and get checked on in case something's not right.


There's not very many attractions here. It explains why this is a small town. There use to be the Firefly Tree, a fir tree where all the fireflies glow around it every clear summer nights, until it wilted and died.

But, after the time travel that Zuma and Frosty had, more people came to visit, and the tree was full of life. No one knows it, but the tree and its fireflies are actually magical. When there's hope, happiness, and smiles in the townfolk, the tree lights up for the whole town to see. But when sadness, despair, and loneliness starts to spread, the tree will wilt and die and the fireflies will lose their magic and stop coming.


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