Bio Edit

Fire is a 2 year old (14) wolf well science experiment he gets a job as a science pup in my up coming episode the science pup he has a crush on Sophie

appearance Edit

Fire is a black wolf with red mysterious markings and he has a blue bandana and a lab coat as a uniform he is very very big

Personality Edit

He is a fun loving wolf who can get mysterious at times he is athletic strong and fast he is happy go lucky. But unfortunately he has a microchip that makes him calm but once it's removed and if he gets angry he turns into a massive brown wolf with yellow eyes.

history Edit

He lived in a horrible science lab and was owned by a horrible man named Jakob he ran away and found the paw patrol and developed a crush on Sophie and she shares the feeling he was later adopted by Jasmine.

P.S I will post his picture up as soon my computer is up and running

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