Faux is a first gen male pup that belongs to SmokythePolicePup.


Faux is a male Danish-Swedish Farmdog. He has a brown muzzle and the rest of his faced is covered in black fur. He has black floppy ears. The rest of his body is covered in white fur with the exception of a black spot on the right side of his body. Faux has orangish eyes and wears a purple and blue collar.


Faux is a quiet pup who is very friendly but tends to keep to himself a lot. The only time he is active really is when he's hanging around his friends/team or when he's on missions. He taught himself at a young age how to do dangerous stunts. He did this in an effort to steal food from vendors without being caught. As he practiced, he became stealthier and stealthier until being recruited to join Deaton's PAW Patrol as a spy/stunt pup



  • He is a Spy/stunt pup for Deaton and his PAW Patrol.
  • He is quite shy when you meet him.
  • He has constant nightmares about being caught on missions.
  • His name is pronounced like Fox.
  • He is good friends with his teammate Sarabi. When he hurts himself during a stunt, she patches him up.
  • He doesn't have a crush and feels like he isn't good enough for anyone to like him.

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