3 day later...

Lila: Well I think we've really warmed up to you guys

Luke's mom: Really?

George: Ya

George: (gets a call)

George: It's from Texas I've got a new job we're moving back to Texas

Moonlight and Luke: NO!!!

Moonlight: But I like Luke

Luke: And I like Moonlight

Moonlight: Really?

Luke: Ya

Moonlight: Me too

2 days later Moonlight moved back to Texas Luke and her broke up because they couldn't handle long distance he was okay though

Grace and Skye: (hug him)

Chase: Dude why are you always trying to steal our girlfriend!?!?

Coujo: Ya

Luke: What I'd never do that!

Diamond: But I saw you trying to kiss Grace

Coujo: WHAT

Luke: I was practicing for Moonlight I wasn't going to actually kiss her

Skye: When did I become your girlfriend Chase?

Chase: Uh...Ah...Ugh

Luke: Hey Coujo there's a snap back hat in my bag cam you go get it?

Coujo: Dude you where a different one every day there's millions

Luke: It's pink with orange writing

Coujo went and got the snap back it was pink with red hearts and in orange glittery weighting spelt out the words match maker

Luke: Good!

Chase: Ugh

Luke: (pushes Chase so he and Skye kiss)

All: Aww

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