Lila: *sigh* (mumbles) wow. Come on kids! Were staying at the hotel in Adventure Bay!

Zuma: We have a hotel?

Chase: Yeah.

George: Let's go.

(They leave)

Chase: Wow.

Emily: Pff! Some family!

Luke's Mom: OH No! I don't know were were going to stay!

Luke's siblings: *GASP*

Rocky: Stay with us! 

Luke: You sure?

Chase: No trouble!

Emily: Thanks!

That night.......

Luke: *Moan*....... what?

(He heard a voice) (singing)

(He squeezed out from the pile of siblings)

Luke: Hello?

Luke: I think it's upstairs....

(He goes up)

Melody: I used to ruuuuule the world. Seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sweeeep the road. Sweep the streets that I used to own. I used to rooooole the dice. Feel the fear in my enemies eyes. Listen as the crooooowd, would sing. Now the old king is dead, long live the new. One minute I heeeeld the key, next the walls were closed on me. And I discovered that my castle stands, upon pillars of sand, pillars of sand........

Luke: Hello?

Melody: AH! Oh, whew! You scared me! 

Luke: What are you doing????

Melody: I sing, anytime, anywhere.

Luke: Oh.

(He sees Grace with a violin) 

Grace: Hi Luke.

Luke: Hi.

Melody: Goodnight! I'm tired!

(She leaves)

Grace: Great at singing, but really lazy.

Luke: Haha!

Luke: Look at the stars.

Grace: They sure are beautiful.

Luke: Listen, about this thing....

Grace: This... what?

Luke: I love Moonlight. So this... won't work.

Grace: Umm?

(He leans in for a kiss) (Grace steps away)

Luke: AH! (He plays it off as a push up) One, two, three! (Doing push ups) 

Grace: You did a Chase!

Luke: A what?

Grace: Chase isn't good with relationships. He's done that.

Luke: Oh.... sorry.

Grace: It's cool.

????????: Well we'll.


Diamond: You like Moonlight! Her family hates you!

Luke: .........

Grace: DIAMOND! 

Diamond: Fine! But I want to help.

Grace: (whispers to Luke) Oh no. If she wants to 'help', this won't end well. 

Luke: *sigh*

Diamond: Let me help! Please! Please! Please! Please.....


Emily: Luke! Is that you?

Diamond: Eeek! (Jumps off)


(They look down) (She's hanging on to a rope)

Diamond: I'm still helping! But, HELP ME FIRST!!!

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