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Bandit: It's 2377, 300 years after the Great War, Smoky, Axel, and Sora are held up in Vault 317 and are about to go on a journey of a lifetime. They will cross treacherous terrain, run into super mutants and meet different factions. In a quest to find their family members who escaped the vault, they must face all kinds of peril because, War. War never changes.

Smoky: *to Sora and Axel* Did you guys take the G.O.A.T exam today?

Axel- Yeah I did

Sora-Eww, I hate tests! But yes, it wasn't easy, seeing how I can't read. *laughs nervously* Thankfully that guy was nice enough to read them to me! Sorry I was in a seperate room.

Smoky: I got the question about the Overseer right! All the options were the same!

Axel- Well if he wasn't so full of himself they wouldn't be the same option.

Sora-Yeah tell me about it.

Smoky: Yeah. What job were you two picked for? first!

Smoky: I was picked as a security guard!

Axel- Nice


Smoky: Cool! What about you Axel?

Axel- Ummm

Smoky: It says on your sheet you were picked as a.... hairstylist?

Axel- H-Hairstylist!?

Smoky: That's what it says on your paper

Axel- No wonder why those others were chuckling at me

Sora-Least you're isn't horribly ironic. I can't read!!!

Smoky: I actually got what I wanted!

Axel- Sora, you don’t really have to read to be a librarian.

Smoky: All you need is a stamp. Most books are on holotapes now anyways.

Sora-Oh yeah! I guess, it's not so bad

Smoky: Yeah! I get paid 10 bottlecaps an hour

Axel- More than me!

Sora-I get...4...

Axel- 6

Smoky: Why are bottlecaps currency anyways?


Smoky: Probably

Axel- Yeah

Sora looked at his Pip boy

Sora- I still can't get used to this thing. It feels like I've got a weight.

Axel- I hate this thing! I hate it as much as I hate being trapped in this vault

Sora-No kidding!!! I...I want to see the sun!!!

Smoky: Why don't they let us out? It's been 300 years.

Sora-They're hiding something... I can feel it!

Axel- I don't know why

Smoky: We start work tomorrow. Wanna sleep over? Rocky and Aryana are making spaghetti and meatballs!

Sora-Mmmmmm! My fave!

Axel- Sounds good to me!

With that they started eating.


Sora-This is so good!

Rocky: You guys enjoying your dinner and Nuka Cola?

Smoky: Yup!

Axel- Sure am.

Sora-It tingles, but...why is it glowing?

Aryana: You drank Nuka Cola Quantum.

Sora-Is that wrong?

Aryana: No

Just then, they heard a strange voice.

???-You just drank a soda that has chemicals that can cause it to glow like a nightlight

Sora-Yeah...maybe I'll be one! Hahaha

Smoky: hahaha

Axel- Haha

Sora-Wait... who...said that?

???-That would be me

Sora looked at his Pip Pup

Sora-It couldn't have been....

Sora- *scared* Um...guys...was that you?

Smoky, Rocky and Aryana: No

Axel- Was what me?

???-It again was me.

Sora-Gah! My Pip pup spoke!

Smoky: Wow!

Axel- What!?

Sora-I-I'm scared now...

???-Don't be, I've always been here

Sora-O-Okay...t-then why are you talking now?

Smoky: I wish mine could speak!

Axel- Mine too! That would be cool!

???-Impossible, there are only 2 AI's out there!

Smoky: Yeah! Tomorrow wanna go shoot some radroaches?

Axel- Sure I need something to get my anger about being locked in here out

Smoky: What do you think Sora?

Sora-A-And I got one of them


Smoky: Sora?


Smoky: Night guys! *goes in his bed*

Axel- Night Smoky! Night Sora! *goes in his bed*

With that, each of them went to bed.'ve always been here?

???-Yep, since you got your pip pup.

Aryana: Shouldn't you be going to bed Sora?

Sora-I-I will in a sec

Aryana: Okay, I'll be down the hall if you need me!

Sora-Wait Aryana

Aryana: Yes?

Sora-C-could I talk to you alone...for a sec? It's...important.

Aryana: Sure

With that they stepped out and Sora showed her the strange voice.

Aryana: Interesting.

???-Yep. I am that way…

Aryana: Your Pip Pup has an AI in it!

Sora-I...I'm scared

Aryana: I'm sure you will be fine! *pats his back*

Sora-Thanks! I...I need a name for him. I can't keep calling him it

Aryana: Um....


Aryana: I don't know a name for him.

Sora-....I know the perfect one

Aryana: What is it?

Sora....Angie… after Axel's sister

Aryana: Perfect!

Angie-That'll mean a lot to that pup

Sora-Well, let's hope

Angie-Hope? That's illogical.

Sora-We're going to fight a lot...

Angie-There's a 99.999999 chance of that


Aryana: Yeah. You must get some sleep. It's late.


With that, Sora went back to the others.

Sora-Axel...*rubs him*

Axel- H-Huh?

Sora-It's me

Axel- Hey...What are you doing up? It's late

Sora-I've gotta surprise

Axel- What is it?

Sora-I've named my AI *whispers in his ear* It's....Angie.

Axel- R-Really!?


Sora-Yep... I know how much you miss her... so...

Axel- Yeah...

Sora- I hope this will help her live on

Axel- It’s been how long since I last saw her...?

Sora-Almost a year if I remember...  

Axel- Ugh…I need to get out of here.

Smoky: *wakes up* You three are loud

Angie-I am detecting some tension. How about this to calm your nerves? *plays calm violin music*

Sora-That's...not helping...

Axel- What in the world is that thing doing!? Is it trying to get the guards here?

Angie-Actually, considering that your heart rate has fallen 10% I think it is

Sora-Ugh....*facepaws* Good night guys

With that, each of them went to sleep.

Smoky: Night! *falls back asleep*

Axel- *Falls back asleep*

The Next Morning:

Sora-No...Overseer....leave me alone...I didn't put that teddy bear there *talks in sleep*

Smoky: *wakes up* Morning guys!

Axel- *wakes up* Morning Smoky

Sora-*wakes up* *yawn*

Smoky: Ready to go shoot radroaches?

Sora-Oh you know it!!!

Axel- Im always ready for that

Sora-What do you Say Angie?

No response

Sora-Angie? Angie! *hits it*


Sora-What took ya?

Angie-I was playing Pokemon


Angie-And I almost beat the third gym...if he didn't use that last Full Restore, I'd of won


Axel- That thing really talks!?

Sora-Yep...the nightmare continues...

Axel- Forgot about it...Lets just go shoot some radroaches

Smoky: *hands them laser guns* lets go

Sora-Hey, I just thought of somethng

Axel- Yeah?

Sora-How are we able to fire guns with little paws?

Axel- Its simple for me really I just place my paw on the trigger and shot

Sora-Same *Fires it* Yeah take that rad!

Axel- See it's not that hard *Fires* Haha I love seeing them blow up


Smoky: *fires at a radroach* This is so much fun!

Axel- *fires again* Yep!

Sora-*silently shooting them*

Smoky: You okay Sora?

Sora-Huh, oh yeah! I'm fine!

Angie-Sora doesn't like killing other things.


Axel- I thought so

Sora-Thanks you tin can!

Angie-Actually I'm made of a titanium alloy

Smoky: I see

Sora-*sigh* Yes... I know they're mindless

Axel- Sora... In case if you haven’t noticed we are after a major war...

Sora-Doesn't mean I have to like putting a laser through another things skull!

Smoky: You will have to kill something or someone sooner or later're right... that's why I'm trying to overcome it. I'm trying to keep my emotions away.

Smoky: It's kill or be killed

Axel- Look as it stands you, me, Smoky, Rocky, and Aryana are the only ones left besides those stupid gauds

Sora-Yes, I know. We're at war. *goes back to shooting* And like Smoky said, its kill or be killed!

Axel- Yep

Smoky: yup

Sora-*sigh*I swear I'm cursed with having a heart on my fur

Smoky: Because you don't like to kill?

Sora-Yes... it's that kind of attitude that will get me killed!

Axel- Not as long as I’m here. That goes for both of you

Smoky: Same here!

Sora-Yeah... one of the only upsides is that I hold you guys closer than any other life and that's where I keep my emotional ties! My family.

Axel- And trust me we will get the overseer and make sure he pays for his sins

Sora-Oh believe me.....he will... *Sora said with an unusual amount of hate* 

Smoky: I thought Dad was nice

Axel- If he was nice, then why would he lock us in that vault?

Smoky: To protect us from radiation

Sora-*sigh* Smoky...I do like your dad...I really do... and he had his reasons I'm sure but...that doesn't change the fact he's hiding something and for whatever reason...we're trapped.

Axel- I don't know why, but this all needs to end somehow

Smoky: I don't want my dad to get hurt

Sora-I don't either

Axel- I know

Sora-Same here. I'm sorry I sounded that way. I...I just have a bad feeling…

Smoky: It's okay

Sora-but...I promise you...we won't kill him. Like I said, family is where I have my emotional ties.

Smoky: Good

Sora-We will find a way out and set things right.

Axel- I guess

Sora- As long as we stick together...there's nothing we can't do! Right guys?

Smoky: Right

Sora-*hugs each of them* I love you guys!

Smoky: We love you too

Sora- Now come on, let's show these worthless bugs what for!

Axel- Yeah

With that each of them shot about a good couple hundred Rad Roaches.

Sora-Oh man...that actually felt good

Smoky: Who knew we had so many radroaches down here

Axel- Yeah it's a stress reliever that's why I like to do it

Sora-And this place sure is good at giving us stress

Axel- We need to get out sometime soon, and plus they expect us to go to work every day and then be home at the same each day

Sora-Yep, kind of boring

Axel- Speaking of which...What time is it?

Smoky: 10am.

Sora-*yawns* feels like 3.

Axel- Joy...Work starts soon

Sora-*yawn* Man, I'm sleepy! Can I get some coffee first?

Smoky: Okay

Axel- Yeah

With that they got some coffee.

Sora-Ahhh, good ol coffee

Smoky: I prefer hot chocolate

Axel- I never been a real fan of coffee

Just then they noticed why Sora liked his. It was a cappuccino with a lot of sugar.

Smoky: I thought you weren't allowed to have sugar

Sora-Hehe, I've gotten better and it's not that much!

Axel- Well you going to have a great time at work by the look of it

Sora-Cut me some slack! I felt drop dead tired.

Axel- That's because you keep getting wrapped up in talking to that pip pup.

Smoky: Yeah

Sora-Actually, it's been pretty quiet.

Axel- It probably busy playing Pokémon again.

Sora-Hahahaha, yep! And I told her to be quiet.

Smoky: Okay! Well I got work! See you guys tonight at seven!


With that, they split.

At the hair salon:

Axel- Well here goes nothing

Craig: I'd like this hair style Axel!

Axel- Alright! Coming right up Craig!

Craig: *sits down*

Axel- Alright let's get started shall we *starts cutting his fur*

Craig: You must like your new job

Axel- Eh, it’s alright I just wish those test people didn't laugh at me when I got the result of the G.O.A.T test.

Craig: Well usually only girls get that job

Axel- Yeah

Craig: I remember when I took the G.O.A.T!

Axel- What job did you get?

Craig: Overseer

Axel- I see *starts washing his fur after his haircut*

Craig: Yeah! I took over when I was 18

Axel- Wow! So have you heard about the new overseer?

Craig: Nope

Axel- Funny I haven't either *blow dries his fur*

Craig: Thanks for the haircut!

Axel- No problem~


Sora-*sigh* Here we go

Kailey: Can I check out this holotape of Jurassic Park?

Sora-Sure! *takes it and checks it out* There you go! *hands it to her*

Kailey: Thank you! *leaves*

Sora-Have a great day!

Kailey: You too

Sora-*phew* this isn't so bad

Angie-You did a good job

Sora-Thanks! By the way, how's that game?

Angie-I just made it to the Elite four!

Sora-Heh, good luck with that!

'Meanwhile with Smoky:'

Smoky: This job is easy!

Mitchell- For now it is

Smoky: The vault has been quiet today

Mitchell- Yeah, but soon enough you and the other two will be forced out of here

Smoky: Why? Dad is the Overseer!

Mitchell- You three can’t stay in the vault for too long

Smoky: Why?

Mitchell- Because soon enough, there will be a journey that you three will have to go on.

Smoky: Isn't that the narrator's job to guide the story?

Mitchell- *Shrugs* I just had that feeling of that happening just now

Smoky: Weird

Mitchell- Yeah

'That night after work:'

Axel- *Phew* That went somewhat better than I thought it would

Smoky: yeah

Axel- How did your day go Sora?

Sora-Not bad. It was pretty easy. But...they tried to get read everything for them... It was so embarrassing!

Axel- I wish I could say the same about my job

Smoky: What happened?

Axel- Just felt weird being the only male hairstylist there

Smoky: my day is just normal hahahaha

Axel- What happened with you?

Smoky: just patrolled the halls

Sora-So what, you got a job that's gotta girl're my Axie!

Axel- I know Sora! And anything exciting happen?

Angie-Alright! I just became champion!!!

Sora-Good for you

Smoky: it took all day to do that?

Axel- Man that thing is slow

Angie-Well being I was doing a Nuzlock/Wedlock, it took 12 times harder… no wait, just Nuzlock.

Sora-What!? A Nuzlock? Are you insane!?

Each of them looked at Sora confused

Sora-I...I guess I should explain

Axel- Dude I think you need lay off the coffee for a while

Sora-Sorry... It's not that...

Axel- Then what is it?

Sora- I'm honestly surprised she did that on the first try. I mean a Nuzlock? That's...nuts! You know how in the game you're able to just pick whoever you want?

Smoky: Yeah

Sora- In a Nuzlock...the rules are a lot more strict. If you come across any Pokémon, you have to use it and...if that Pokémon is defeated, you have to release it. Treat it basically as if it's dead. That includes your starter.

Axel- I see's not an easy task. *yawn* I'm such a nerd.

Axel- Yeah

Sora-Hahahahahahaha! And... *pounces on Axel* I think you need some cheering up!

Axel- W-What!?

Sora-*tickles him*

Axel- Hahahahaha n-no! hahahahahah

Sora-Ah, that's what I love to hear! My best friends laughter.*eases up*

Smoky: *smiles and watches*

Axel- *pants* I needed that

Sora-Yep, well, good night!

Axel- Y-Yeah good night

Sora-Something wrong?

Axel- Its nothing really

Sora-Then what is it? Come on Axel...I can tell from your voice. Something's bugging you!

Axel- Just a funny feeling

Smoky: What's wrong?

Sora-You're not ready to share it yet?

Axel- Have you guys ever thought what it might be like on the outside of the vault?

Sora-On the outside? Yes... I've dreamed of it… seeing a sunrise.

Axel- Smoky?

Smoky: I heard there are Super Mutants out there and that thought scares me

Axel- Yeah, but our skills are improving with all the roaches we have killed

Sora-We'll need to fight more than them but hey, that comes with experience.

Smoky: I guess

Axel- Maybe my thought of us leaving this place...Well will just be what it always was...A dream to be

Sora-Like I said *hugs* We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Good night guys.

Axel- *hugs*

Sora climbed in his bed.

Smoky: Good night! *climbs into bed*

Just then Angie started playing a lullaby


Smoky: *giggles*

Axel- Ugh that thing will be the death of us. *rolls eyes*

Angie-I'm going to help save you all. There's a 77.45% of that.

Smoky: Right

Sora-Want an award?

Angie-I have no need for any

Sora-Ugh, whatever. At least it's a nice lullaby.

Axel- Sure you could say that

Smoky: zzz

Sora-Sleep tight...

Smoky: *snores*

With that each of them fell into a deep sleep.

Axel- *Thinks* At least I have them with me...

Sora-Axel.... Everything will be okay! We are a family.

Axel- Yeah...Family...

End of Chapter One

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